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Special Issue in Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy

Submission deadline: February 28th, 2023

Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy invites submissions to the special issue: Technologies for paediatric and geriatric medicines development. This Special Issue is in conjunction with the 28th Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations (FAPA) Congress, taking place November 8-12, 2022, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In pharmaceutical development, it is imperative to consider the needs of special populations such as paediatrics and geriatrics from the perspectives of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmaceutical practice. Poor drug taste, frequent dosing and polypharmacy are the common hurdles that hinder children and older patients from taking their medicines effectively. Nano/microparticles and lipid-based formulations have been adopted in taste masking and modified drug release. Despite recent advancement, significant challenges remain in understanding patients’ needs, formulation, dosage form characterization, physicochemical changes of drugs in polypharmacy therapy and design of biorelevant in vivo evaluation methods. This Special Issue focuses on material sciences, dosage form design and characterization, formulation and processing technologies that can be applied to improve drug delivery in children and older adults. Studies related to technologies for paediatric and geriatric medicines development at in vitro, in vivo and clinical levels are welcome.

FAPA participants with the following background are welcome to submit to the Special Issue: Applied Science; Biomedical Science; Chemical Engineering; Dentistry; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Formulation Sciences; Health Science; Manufacturing Engineering; Material Sciences; Medicine; Nanotechnology; Pharmacy; Process Engineering.

All submissions must contain original unpublished work not being considered for publication elsewhere and must follow the submission guidelines given on the journal’s homepage: Submissions will be peer-reviewed according to the standard procedures for Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy.

Papers for the special issue should be submitted using the journal’s submission system at In the system, please choose the submission type – Special Issue: FAPA 2022.

Guest Editors:

Fang Liu, University of Hertfordshire, UK

Siok Yee Chan, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia

Gan Siew Hua, Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia

Volume 9, Issue 1 Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy

Submission deadline: March 31st, 2023

MALAYSIAN JOURNAL of PHARMACY is a transdisciplinary professional journal with an registered International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1675 – 3666. The scope of the journal includes research performed clinically, community, lab-based, social administrative based, Pharmacy Education as well as industrial related. Relevant contents from academicians, pharmacy student, pharmaceutical industrial research, as well as the mandatory research by provisionally registered pharmacy (PRP) are also welcome. The Editors and the Malaysian Pharmacists Society welcome full-text papers from FAPA-NPC 2022 for publication in the coming volume 9 issue 1 of Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy.

Abstract submission is now CLOSED

Sending in Your Abstracts

Driving the heart of healthcare systems is evidence-based medicine – as custodians of medicine, pharmacists are the prime candidates in investigating, analyzing and publishing new findings for birth of new medicines as well as to drive policies that maximizes the use of medication in the public. As such, FAPA Congress 2022 is humbled to call for all researchers to submit their abstracts of research. We look forward to your contribution to the rich pool of knowledge in the region.

List of Disciplines/Fields to Submit Abstract

You may submit your abstract under any one (1) of the seven sections of FAPA, reflecting the current practice areas of fellow pharmacists attending the congress:

  1. Scientific
  2. Pharmacy Education
  3. Community Pharmacy
  4. Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
  5. Medicine and Health Information
  6. Social and Administrative Pharmacy
  7. Industrial Pharmacy and Marketing

For more information on the respective sections, please visit the FAPA Section page here. You may also download and peruse through the Guidelines covering Abstract Submission, as well as Poster and Oral Presentations below.

If you have any enquiries, do drop an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Below are the downloadable guidelines and template for the Abstracts:

Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is 30th September 2022, 5.00 pm, GMT +8.

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